Our Females

We offer top females labrador retrievers


Sadie is approximately 74lbs with a glossy, black coat. She has an absolutely wonderful behavior with a very calm temperment. Sadie is extremely well-mannered and is great with people of all ages. She loves to show her "inner pup". Sadie posseses a superior pedigree, full of champion blood-lines and well-known hunting ancestors.

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Keira is approximately 70lbs and is a gorgeous black lab with beautiful amber eyes and a very defined block head. She strives to work hard in the field and while training. She thrives on working feathers with lightning speed and achieves her goal of pleasing her master. Keira's mannerisms are above perfection. She loves the coldest water you can find around for her to jump into. She has an abundance of drive and determination.

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Quila is approximately 70lbs and is a light chocolate lab who is eager to work, with an abundance of drive. She is very well-mannered, descending from a near-perfect blood line of field and hunting champions. "Quila" always strives to be the best of the best and the proof is in her pedigrees.

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